QuietWarmth Retrofit Mat 16" x 60" 120 Volts

Vendor: QuietWarmth
Subtotal: CA$114.00

Quiet Warmth® electric radiant heat film for under subfloors is the perfect solution to add comfort and warmth to any existing flooring, including nail-down wood floors. Simply attach the mats between subfloor joists and run pre-attached 15’ lead wires to a floor heating thermostat. Retro-fit radiant heat under those cold floors to warm your floor safely and easily.


  • Heat your existing flooring without having to remove it - Nailed Hardwood, Carpet, Tile, etc.
  • Our Retro-Fit Mat System installs between the floor joists easily accessible from crawl space, garage or basement beneath
  • Heat radiates up to heat existing flooring once insulation (required, sold separately) is installed beneath heated mats
  • Thin conductive film technology is UL listed for Safety, maintenance free and efficient
  • Real heat output of 10 Watts per Sq Ft (34 BTUs per sq ft) yet costs only pennies per day to operate
  • Simply nail to sides of joists every 12” so mats hang 2” below subfloor - do not nail to subfloor
  • Can be cut to length with scissors every 12”
  • Connect multiple mats in parallel - all leads connect to a floor heating thermostat which senses floor temperature; probe installs into subfloor from below
  • Available for 16” OC Joist bays (typically 14-14.5 inches between inner sides of joist)
  • 12” joist spacing version Coming Soon!
All floor types, including Nail-Down Hardwood, carpet, tile, etc