Outdoor warming melting

heated driveway

Effortlessly Remove Snow and Ice This Winter –without Shoveling!

Electric radiant heat isn’t just for indoors. This winter, cross shoveling off your to-do list forever, and take the convenience of electric radiant heat outside instead. Warm Your Floor can help you get snow-free, ice-free driveways and walkways all winter long. Add a sensor and controller, and let the system work for you to automatically activate before snow is able to accumulate.

Of course, our winter weather products will revolutionize the way you remove snow outdoors, but they go beyond convenience. Protect your home from destructive ice damming by installing a de-icing solution to prevent costly repairs to your roof this winter. Attach easy-to-install heat trace cable with a few clips to keep eaves and downspouts free of ice all winter long. Adding an automatic sensor means the system can monitor weather conditions so you don’t have to, melting snow and safely draining it from your roof before ice has the chance to form.

Warm Your Floor stocks a wide range of snow- and ice-melting products to help you take it easier this winter. Browse our products below and contact us today for expert advice on getting maintenance-free radiant heat outdoors this winter, and never shovel again.


ProMelt Mats

ProMelt Heating Mats


  • Maintenance-free, permanent snow melting mats.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Eliminate snow removal labor costs.

Heated Driveways

Heated Driveways


  • The ultimate in luxury, convenience and safety.
  • Prevents damage from snow plow blades.
  • Wire and mats available for installation before driveway is poured.