Warmup Dual Cable Tester & Alarm measures resistance (Ohms)

Vendor: Warm Your Floor
Subtotal: CA$60.00

Floor Heating Cable Tester and Alarm enables you to test resistance (ohms) and monitor installation to ensure you are immediately alerted via an alarm tone and flashing lights should a cable be damaged.

It is essential to test the cable before, during, and after the floor heating system installation.

Warmup’s Dual Cable Tester was designed for floor heating installations and monitors continuity (the path for electricity to flow) and measures the resistance of 1 or 2 heating cables at the same time. The device is designed to alert you with an alarm and flash if there is any damage to the attached cables.


  • Up to 125 hours of operation while switched on
  • Low battery alert
  • Suitable for cable gauge up to 13 AWG
  • Flashes and sounds loudly
  • Monitors two separate circuits concurrently
  • Convenient hook to secure near the electrical box
  • Compact size 5 x 3 x 1” weighing 6 oz