Warmup 4iE-V03WH Programmable White Thermostat

Vendor: Warmup
SKU: 4iE-V03WH
Subtotal: CA$236.55

**Discontinued** The Warmup 4iEv03 is a beautiful and full-featured programmable floor heating thermostat for all floor heating systems without Wi-Fi capability.

Available in white or black, the full-color screen is crystal-clear with fully adjustable brightness and backgrounds. You can even choose the screen layout: large temperature, large time, or minimalist (small everything).

Access the 4iEv03’s intuitive menus via the touchscreen to ensure your floor is always the right temperature.

The 4iEv03 is not just smart, it’s also safe and versatile. Built-in GFCI protection, for use on either 120V or 240V systems, up to 15 Amps and temperature sensing via air or floor sensors, or a combination means you can optimize your environment.

A Wi-Fi version with many industry-leading smart features is also available: see the 4iEv04 here.

  • Pre-programmed, yet fully customizable, plus easy setup via intuitive menus
  • Smart Start means your thermostat learns over time when to turn on the heat
  • Full-Color 3.5” touchscreen is customizable and dimmable; it even turns completely off if you like
  • Master/Relay mode means the 4iEv03 can control other 4iE’s or stand-alone relays*
  • Control most radiant heating systems, electric floor heating, baseboard heaters, even most hydronic systems using the included floor or built-in air sensor
  • 2 colors, Cloud White or Onyx Black, with beveled chrome edges
  • 3 Year Warranty and lifetime 24/7 tech support
  • 10 Ft floor sensor included which can be extended 90 Ft on site
 *Master/Relay mode requires low voltage wire connection between thermostat(s) and relay(s) and allows the temperature to be sensed at one location only. Used for large areas that require multiple circuits in the same zone; each relay or stat requires a circuit. Built-in 15A can be extended with RL-240-25A and RL-120-25A relays for an additional 25A load switching capability