Loudmouth Monitor Alarm for SunTouch installation

Vendor: Watts Radiant
SKU: 423250ST
Subtotal: CA$32.73

The SunTouch LoudMouth Monitor sounds an alarm if the SunTouch Heating Wire is cut or damaged, allowing for easy repair BEFORE the mat is covered with Mortar & Tile. We highly recommend the LoudMouth invented and patented by SunTouch.

Connect it during the ENTIRE installation of your SunTouch Mats to monitor the Heating Elements and give yourself the assurance of a Quality Installation. The LoudMouth Monitor is Another SunTouch innovation - Our design is unique and has more features than recent imitators.

How the LoudMouth Works:

  1. Insert each lead wire from the heating product into L1 and L2 terminals (no polarity) with the ground wire inserted into the G terminal. Tighten the terminal screws onto the wires.
  2. Set switch to ON position.
  3. Green light indicates the LoudMouth is operating.
  4. The red light and alarm indicate lead wires have come loose from terminals or damage has occurred to the heating product.
  5. Press the TEST button to simulate a damage condition before beginning work.

Of course, you can also monitor the installation with only your digital multi-meter to verify resistance (ohms); but you will have to watch it throughout the installation process. The Loudmouth is nicknamed 'The Screamer' and is optional, but provides peace of mind during the installation process or between the installation of the Mats and the Tile (if there is a time gap between when the mats are laid out unprotected and covering them with mortar).

LoudMouth Monitor Features:

  1. A very Loud Alarm Simple operation with an On/Off Switch and a TEST button
  2. 9V battery operated (included)
  3. A green light to indicate GO and a Red light to indicate STOP, there's damage - Fix it now
  4. Screwdriver included for attaching mat leads 1 LoudMouth can be used to monitor up to 3 mats at once

**Important: a Multi Meter to measure OHMS is still required to test resistance before, during, and after installation. The Loudmouth DOES NOT replace the use of an Ohm meter - it's just another SunTouch Innovation to help your installation go smoothly.