Nuheat - 160 Sq Ft Radiant Floor Heating Cable (240V)

Vendor: nVent
SKU: N2C160
Subtotal: CA$702.64

Nuheat Cable is an Electric Radiant Floor Heating system designed to allow installers to customize the layout instantly making adjustments to the floor heating coverage for any room. The flexible installation method lets you heat floors with curves or angles and work around obstructions like floor heating vents.


  • Recently redesigned for better performance and easier installation it is in stock today.
  • Thinnest power lead and connection joint keeps your floor profile low and eliminates notching of sub floor
  • New Cable Guide design ensures they lay flat and plastic material won't nick the cable
  • Cables guides (each is 12 in. long) are included in the box
  • Zero EMF cable design uses 2 conductors twisted for active EMF cancelling
  • Halfway point is marked on each cable so you can adjust if needed
  • 25 Year Manufacturer warranty
  • Available in sizes to heat 8 to 120 SF in 120v or 15 to 240 SF in 240v
  • Nuheat Cable is an alternative to Custom Nuheat Mats, but takes more time, effort and thought since you determine and customize the layout as you go. Like Nuheat Mats, Nuheat Cables are approved for use in wet areas including shower floors and seats.
    Nuheat Cable kits include enough cable guides for installation and extras are available for purchase. A Nuheat thermostat is required and sold separately.

    Tile, Stone,Granite, Marble, Slate, Engineered wood, Laminate