Nuheat Mat Repair Kit

Vendor: nVent
SKU: AC0014
Subtotal: CA$31.52

Nuheat Mat Repair Kit for Heating Wire. 1 repair per kit

The Nuheat Mat Repair Kit contains all the materials needed to repair Nuheat Mat(s) if it has been damaged during installation including a complete set of easy-to-follow instructions. The kit will repair 1 Break in the wire; if the mat is damaged in more than one area, order a kit for each break. You will need a few basic tools (Heat Gun, Wire Strippers, Etc.) to perform the repair.

If the flooring has already been installed, equipment is available which can pinpoint the location of the break, if you do not know the break location. Please call Nuheat Technical Services Department at 1-800-778-9276 and they will be happy to assist you.

Mat Wire Repair Kit Contents

  • 1 hollow piece of braid
  • shipped with lead wire inside to maintain its shape
  • discard lead wire after step 6
  • piece of resistance wire
  • 3 large heat shrinks
  • 3 medium heat shrinks
  • 3 small heat shrinks