Nuheat Membrane Sheet Min Order 25 Sheets 10.6 sq ft (3' 3'' x 3' 3")

Vendor: nVent
Subtotal: CA$32.91

Nuheat Membrane significantly decreases the time, difficulty, floor height, weight, & cost of your installation.

Nuheat Membrane is a tile underlayment that can be installed over the entire subfloor for uncoupling, crack isolation and waterproofing purposes. It replaces the need for a second layer of plywood or concrete backer board in most tile installations.

The polypropylene plastic layer features square-shaped columns which form channels specially designed to embed and hold Nuheat Cable. The shape of Nuheat Membrane also functions as a vapor management system that allows moisture to escape from the substrate during the curing process. It's polypropylene layer is heat-welded to a non-woven polypropylene fabric that absorbs thinset and creates a strong bond to the subfloor.

Additional benefits include:

  Even floor heat distribution
  On-site adjustments are made easily for complex floorplans
 No need for a second layer of plywood or concrete backer boards
 Lowers the finished floor height
  Significantly reduces installation time & material cost of installing
--a Nuheat Cable System