ProMelt · 80 Square Foot Snow Melting Cable (240V)

Vendor: Watts Radiant
SKU: SC50240080
Subtotal: CA$870.33

ProMelt electric radiant snow melting cables are the most versatile and lowest cost option for snow melting installation any size, any shape - quickly providing electrically heated walkways and driveways. Cables are ideal for steps, curved or angled areas. Cables can be used for simple rectangular areas too, but mats install faster and easier in those situations.

Environmentally friendly snow and ice removal in the worst conditions is possible without using salt or hazardous chemicals. ProMelt provides energy efficiency and easy installation.

ProMelt heated snow melting cables are manufactured by SunTouch Watts Radiant (pioneers of indoor radiant heat). You choose your configuration and secure to rebar/mesh or using our Cable Strap on a base surface; maintaining the proper and consistent spacing of cables is your job. Larger spacing means less heat but more coverage per cable.

Cables cost 10-15% less than mats and give you layout and heat output options since you control the spacing and determine the layout. Consider ProMelt Mats for a quicker and easier installation (the spacing is already done for you) for just a few dollars more. (See Specifications)

ProMelt is an effective, reliable and invisible snow melting system that will serve you for many years. Projects of 350 SF or less require cables and a snow sensor-controller and are very affordable and convenient.

ProMelt Snow Melting Benefits:

  1. ProMelt cables provide versatility and allow you to control the Watts per Sq Foot between 38 and 50.
  2. Automatically activates only when needed means your driveway and sidewalks stay clear and you never forget to turn the system off.
  3. No plowing or scraping means your walkway and driveway look better and last longer
  4. Maintenance Free permanent installation. Not like Hydronic systems (water) with pumps, boilers, etc
  5. Increase safety and reduce liability with ProMelt
  6. No hazardous chemicals to damage your landscaping or the environment
  7. No waiting for the plow or shovel to arrive - Dependable automatic snow sensor once moisture and temperature conditions are met activates ProMelt.
  8. Save Money - Eliminate snow removal labor costs
  9. The best construction using premium materials means ProMelt is built to last
  10. Increase the value of your home with an automatic ProMelt System