ProMelt PM-5 SnowSensor 120/208/240v 2x30A

Vendor: Watts Radiant
SKU: 300580
Subtotal: CA$726.73

Your snow melting system will work best if it is connected to an automatic control.

The ProMelt PM-5 Snow Sensor activates your ProMelt mats or cables when it detects snow based on the presence of both low temperature and precipitation. It has a fixed moisture sensor attached to its top and should be mounted on a pole in an area open to the sky and the elements.

The PM-5 features dual 30 Amp contacts and automatically controls 60 Amps of snow melting mats or cables. It can control two areas of up to 145 Sq Ft of 50 Watts/SF at 240v 30 Amp Maximum, for a total area of about 290 Sq Ft.

If you are familiar with the ProMelt PM-2B, the PM-5 is an almost identical snow sensor with twice the load handling capacity.

Advantages of the ProMelt PM-5 Snow Sensor

  • Operates in 3 modes: On-Automatic, On-Manual and Off-Standby-Reset
  • Comes with dual 30 Amp load capacity and operates using line voltage of 100-120 V and 200-240 V
  • Automatic activation allows you to benefit from lower costs for snow melting and deicing compared to systems without automatic snow sensors
  • Advanced sensors for reliable precipitation detection
  • Easy to install and configure with many user customizable options
  • All internal electronics and advanced settings are easily accessible with the removable cover
  • Generous 1 year warranty and many replaceable parts
  • Enclosed in a NEMA 3R case rated for outdoor use and designed to resist the harshest elements (enclosure measures approximately 5" x 7" x 3')
  • Internal electronics are designed to perform at -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius
  • ETL UL Standard 508/CSA C22.2 No. 14 Listed

With power-saving automatic activation, reliable and accurate precipitation detection, easily adjustable trigger temperature settings and a drying cycle, the PM-5 is a great solution for your snow melting system. It is a stand-alone sensor/control that does not need to be connected to a Contactor Pro control panel and can be operated in manual or automatic mode. The PM-5 cannot be used with Contactor Pro control panels, which are designed for use with 24 V snow sensors (PM-224 or PM-824). The snow sensor measures approximately 5"x7"x3" and should be used with medium systems up to 30 plus 30 Amps or about 145 plus 145 Sq Ft at 50 Watts/SF.
To easily monitor and control your PM-5, we recommend purchasing the optional PM-DP remote ProMelt Display Panel, sold separately.