ProMelt PM-DP Display Panel

Vendor: Watts Radiant
SKU: 300650
Subtotal: CA$252.77

The PM-DP Wired Remote Control Panel is a recommended upgrade addition to the PM-2B or PM-5 Snow Sensor controllers.

The PM-DP brings control and monitoring of your snow melt system indoors. One glance at the display confirms the system has successfully triggered and is operating. The PM-DP is compatible with the PM-2B, PM-224, PM-824, PM-5, and DS-8 rain/snow sensor controllers.

This control panel allows convenient indoor monitoring and control of the system for manual on, automatic, and standby operation. It communicates with the snow sensor through a simple low-voltage cable (not included).

The Display Panel remote switch is typically mounted in a single gang 2x4 box or a multi-gang box and can be up to 800 Ft away from the Sensor. Simply connect it with low voltage wire (it is powered by the sensor) using a 5 conductor cable; telephone or computer cable works well in most cases. It is very low conduit is not required.

A connector with 6 inches of wire is included and you must supply additional wire to run to the sensor.

  • Mounts indoors for simple monitoring and control. Or mount outdoors protected from the elements
  • 3 operating modes : On-Automatic, On-Manual, Off-standby-reset
  • No batteries or AC wiring required – powered by sensor; power consumption is 3.5 milliwatts
  • “Manual On” button allows for one delay off cycle
  • Installs easily in any standard single gang electrical box
  • Compatible with Decora® or StyleLine— faceplates – you choose style and color
  • 4 LED indicators blink periodically showing system status
  • Home automation integration interface is included
  • 1 year warranty