QuietWarmth Peel & Stick for Tile & Glue Down Floors 1.5' x 5' (240V)

SKU: QWT1.5X5F240
Subtotal: CA$128.00

Ideal for adding safe and affordable floor heat to your home.

QuietWarmth Peel & Stick is a lightweight, clean, quiet, hypoallergenic, highly efficient, sliver-thin & maintenance-free radiant heat system for tile & glue-down floors.

About the thickness of three stacked credit cards (0.05 inches)
QuietWarmth Peel & Stick Radiant Heating Film provides up to 85% heated surface coverage to traditional tile, stone, or marble flooring, without any hot or cold spots.  Visit our Knowledge Center to learn more.

It is a highly efficient radiant heat film integrated in a waterproof anti-fracture membrane which helps isolate cracks up to 3/8" wide.

All QuietWarmth products are configured with factory attached connections & suitable for all types of renovation or new construction projects.

 Fast & Easy installation

 No self-leveling mortar needed!

 Ultra-thin at less than 0.05"

 12 watts per square foot

 Crack isolation membrane

 99.9% energy turned into heat

ceramic & porcelain tile, marble, stone

Refer to your floor covering manufacturer's specifications for compatibility