SunTouch SunStat Connect WiFi Enabled Programmable Thermostat

Vendor: Watts Radiant
SKU: 500875-SB
Subtotal: CA$390.83

Program and adjust your thermostat remotely with this WiFi enabled touchscreen thermostat.

** The CONNECT has been discontinued & Replaced by the 500900 ConnectPlus **

Warm Your Floor offers several other W--Fi models that will work in place of the Connect 500875

The user-intuitive 7-day schedule makes it simple to program your floor heating to suit your lifestyle via internet browser or mobile app.

•  Easy to use - comprehensive menus & help screens
•  Brilliant Display - high resolution color touchscreen with multiple color theme options
•  Thin profile - plus removable, paintable beauty ring
•  Energy Use Monitoring - shows total hours of operation
•  Dual Voltage - 120/240V
•  Built-in GFCI - for safety
•  SmartStart Technology adjusts the start time of the system to ensure the floor has reached the set temperature right at your scheduled time
•  Home Automation Tie-In via dry contact (allows thermostat to be turned on/off by a home automation system)
•  3 year manufacturer warranty