SunTouch HeatMatrix Membrane · 40 sq ft

Vendor: Warmyourfloor
SKU: 8006GRY40-ST
Subtotal: CA$122.00

HeatMatrix uncoupling membrane protects your flooring investment!

SunTouch's HeatMatrix allows for faster & easier installation of WarmWire heating cables than ever before, while providing durable, lightweight uncoupling with sheer stress control.

Employing cutting-edge technology, HeatMatrix uncoupling membrane provides a unique control layer between tile and substrate. One-ply, non-woven fleece on the membrane’s underside minimizes the stress caused by lateral, multidirectional movement within the substrate, eliminating a common cause of cracked tiles. HeatMatrix also offers superior point load distribution and remains highly resistant to compression during tile installation.

HeatMatrix is a great choice in concrete applications and where moisture or water vapor is a concern. Polypropylene construction provides a barrier against surface water while deep grooved channels allow evaporation of moisture from below the membrane.

The ultimate in heated tile underlayment flexibility!

HeatMatrix provides adjustable WarmWire spacing to match varying heating requirements. This flexibility makes it easy to adjust the layout so that the wire fits any space perfectly. For most systems, WarmWire is installed at approximately 3-inch spacing.