SunTouch Power Lead Repair Splice Kit

Vendor: Watts Radiant
SKU: 200350ST
Subtotal: CA$31.29

Complete kit-all parts & complete instructions for 1 SunTouch Power Lead Splice repair

Use this kit to repair the Cold Lead Splice connection on a Watts Radiant electric floor warming mat or cable. 

The Cold Lead Splice is where the Power Lead connects to the heating elements (black heat shrink covers this factory connection) and may need to be repaired if damaged on the job or if the power lead is cut too short.

This kit is not to be used to extend the power lead and should be used at the direction of manuafacturer technical support. 

Only a qualified electrician or technician should make these repairs. Approval must be gained from Watts Radiant before doing this repair. Improper use of these guidelines may result in serious damage to property and persons or failure of the splice. Never repair a mat or cable that has been shortened from its factory length by more than 1 foot of floor warming cable without prior approval from Watts Radiant technical support. If you need additional assistance, please contact Watts Radiant for technical support.

Same repair kit for SunTouch Power Leads for all indoor systems; Mats, UnderFloor and WarmWire.

Kit includes Solder Melt Splice connectors, Heat Shrink tubing and butt crimp connectors - All components needed to reapir a damaged factory connection. You will need a few basic tools to perform a repair - see instructions for details.

The complete splice must be embedded in mortar at least 1.5” from the wall, and at least 2” away from the nearest floor warming cable.

This Kit is for Watts Radiant SunTouch products only.