SunTouch SunStat ConnectPlus WiFi Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat

Vendor: Watts Radiant
SKU: 500900-SB
Subtotal: CA$284.25

The SunStat® ConnectPlus™ Wi-Fi Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat is here!

This beautiful all-in-one thermostat is the latest innovation from SunTouch to control all 120 or 240 VAC floor heating systems. It can even be mounted in landscape mode for a unique euro-look or to replace other horizontal mounted thermostats.

And, the Plus is not just another pretty face - it's smart, safe, and easy to use. The Guided setup lets you easily activate a schedule for floor heating comfort to suit your lifestyle via the Watts mobile app. Voice commands can also be used.

The ConnectPlus controls a single zone of electric floor heat and includes a built-in GFCI for safety. Achieve the best results by setting it to control the floor temperature using the included 15 Ft sensor wire and, optionally limit the floor temperature or configure to control the space through air temperature alone.

•  Easy to use scheduling - comprehensive menus & help screens plus the app
•  Designer Black Front Display - high-resolution large touchscreen shows Floor temp, or Optional Weather and Clock displays; the thermostat is white on the sides to blend with most walls. It is only available in this color.

•  Thin profile on wall - Big enough for easy use, but unobtrusive
•  Energy Use Monitoring - shows total hours of operation - see how little energy floor heat uses.

•  Landscape mount option - Easily replace older thermostat models or go for a European look

•  The most safety options - GFCI Built-in, Overcurrent, and Voltage-level sensing
•  Use SunStat Relays to control additional areas - Wired or Wireless connection to SunStat 500980 R4 Relay(s) - The PLUS is also backward-compatible with Older Relay 3 models (500880)

•  Add a ConnectPlus Smart Sensor -  Wireless connection to measure floor temperature and detect water leakage - available now
•  Home Automation Tie-In via dry contact (allows thermostat to be turned on/off by a home automation system)
•  3 year manufacturer warranty