SunTouch ConnectPlus Smart Sensor Floor Temperature and Water leak detector

Vendor: Watts Radiant
SKU: 500120
Subtotal: CA$88.00

The SunTouch ConnectPlus™ Wireless SmartSensor is here.

The ConnectPlus™ Smart Sensor is a wireless temperature and water leakage sensor that provides comfort and peace of mind. Only for the SunTouch ConnectPlus Thermostat.

About the size of a hockey puck, it easily pairs exclusively to the revolutionary ConnectPlus thermostat. This device is 2 sensors in one; first as an optional floor temperature sensor for the radiant floor heating system. Detected water leaks produce audible and visual alarms, and notifications are transmitted to the thermostat as well.

Forgot to install the in-floor temperature sensor - this is your solution! Place the Smart Sensor directly on a heated section of the floor to use as a floor control sensor and then pair it to your thermostat.

This really is a SmartSensor - it will detect water leaks and alert you when it detects water flowing on the floor. Place the Smart Sensor directly on the floor where there is a risk of water leakage (near water lines, washing machines, hot water tanks, ...) within range of the ConnectPlus thermostat - 75 Ft, line-of-sight.

Power: 2 x AA batteries included

Battery Life : 1 year

Range: 75 ft, line-of-sight

Pairing limit: 6 devices per ConnectPlus Thermostat, any combination of relays & sensors

Operating Temperature range : 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)

Operating Humidity range : 0 to 100% humidity

Storage temperature range : -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)

IP Waterproof Class : IP67

Diameter 33⁄8" (85mm), Height 111⁄16" (43mm)