SunTouch TapeMat · 240 Sq Ft Radiant Floor Heating Kit (240V)

Vendor: Watts Radiant
SKU: 24012024-KIT
Subtotal: CA$3,554.40

Everything you need for a time saving electric floor heating system install!

  SunTouch TapeMat radiant floor heating mat w/ 10 ft power lead
  SunStat Command Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat 
  Sensor Wire - 15 feet long (inside thermostat box)
  LoudMouth Installation Alarm (continuity monitor)
  Double-stick tape - 1 extra roll

SunTouch’s open-weave mesh TapeMat can be installed in one day. There’s no need to wait for mortar to cure overnight before laying tile.
You can achieve warm floors in four easy steps. Simply unroll and attach your mat(s), secure the floor sensor (comes with all SunTouch thermostats), apply thin-set mortar, and install your flooring.

Additional Features & Benefits of the SunTouch TapeMat include:

•  Edged with double-sided tape for fast & easy installation that adheres directly to your subfloor.
•  Mortar bonds easily through mesh with the underlying material.
•  Only 1/8" added floor thickness compared to typical tile installations
•  Easily adjusted to accommodate curves, angles, and cut-outs
•  Can be trimmed & flipped to accommodate your layout (only cut orange mesh)
•  Also available in 2.5' & 3' wide rolls

Natural Stone,Tile, Laminate, Engineered Woods, Carpet, Vinyl, Linoleum, Solid Hardwood (if you use sleepers)