Warmup 5 Sq Ft Electric Heating Cable 120v 65W, 0.6A DCM-PRO 17' L

Vendor: Warmup
SKU: DCM-120-65
Length: 5 SqFt (17' Long)
Voltage: 120V
Subtotal: CA$182.00

Warmup’s DCM-PRO heating cable is the most flexible and durable heating solution available in North America, whether you are looking for primary heating or simply a comfortable warm floor.

Warmup cable has the best warranty, the most options for installation, the highest heat output and fits in all membranes. Its ETFE inner jacket allows for high heat output while its PVC outer sleeve protects for a smooth installation. Dual wire construction means EMF cancellation for safety.

Specifically engineered to work in the first and only peel and stick uncoupling membrane in the world (patent pending), DCM-PRO is the only UL-approved membrane system in North America.

•  Choose from the largest size range for flexibility, available in 5 to 250 square-foot sizes and multiple cables can be combined on 1 thermostat
•  120v or 240v cables with a 10 Ft Power lead for use under most flooring
•  Quick and easy installation using Uncoupling Membrane or cable spacer strips (sold separately)
•  Spacing can be 2-3, 3 or 3-4 Pegs; most installers chose 3 for 13 Watts/SF (4 W linear foot)

•  Worry-free 30-Year-Warranty plus the Safety Net Guarantee backed by 24/7/365 Support 

•  Approved for shower floors and seats; Warmup’s fluoropolymer-insulated cables are approved for shower and wet room installations
•  Warmup has over 2 million installations in 60 countries - the world leader!

Natural Stone,Tile, Laminate, Engineered Woods, Carpet, Vinyl, Linoleum, Solid Hardwood (if you use sleepers)