Warmup 6iE *New* Portrait Smart WiFi Thermostat, White, 120V/240V with GFCI & 10' floor sensor

Vendor: Warmyourfloor
SKU: 6iE-04-CW-LC
Subtotal: CA$294.99

The Warmup 6iE Wi-Fi is the smartest floor heating thermostat combining easy control and cost savings in a beautiful package for all electric floor heating systems. 

New for October 2021 the 6iE has the best resolution full-color touch screen for excellent readability and ease of use. Adjustable brightness and backgrounds you control; you choose the screen layout - large temperature, large time, or minimalist (small everything). Plus you can customize the display with your own photo; the 6iE is the only thermostat with this feature.

The 6iE offers an industry-leading 12 Year Warranty when installed with a Warmup heating system.

Access the 6iE intuitive menus via the touchscreen or the MyHeating app (iOS or Android) to take full advantage of SmartGeo technology to reduce energy costs while ensuring your floor is always at the right temperature.

Smart Wi-Fi means quick and easy setup by scanning the QR code from the app for a fast connection to your Wi-Fi network. You can also integrate via Alexa, Google Assistant, or other IFTTT smart home technologies and Home Automation drivers for Control4 and Crestron are coming soon.

The 6iE is not just smart, it's also safe and versatile. Built-in GFCI protection, for use on either 120V or 240V systems, up to 15 Amps and temperature sensing via air or floor sensors, or a combination means you can optimize your environment.

The 6iE works with all of our advanced energy-saving features in the MyHeating app such as SmartGeo, a unique technology developed by Warmup and built into the MyHeating App that uses an advanced algorithm to understand the most efficient heat settings for your home.

SmartGeo works automatically, learning your routines and location through background communication with your smartphone and lowers temperatures when you are away, only rising them up to your ideal comfort temperature in time for your arrival home, saving you money and energy.

  • Pre-programmed, yet fully customizable plus easy setup via intuitive menus
  • Easy to set up, just scan the QR code which will appear on the 6iE using the MyHeating app and it will automatically connect to your WiFi network.
  • SmartGeo means your thermostat learns over time and adjusts your heating accordingly - if you want to enable it - providing optimal heating management
  • Reduce energy use by up to 25% with energy-efficient MyHeating app technology.
  • Weather-based Early Start. Turns the heating on at just the right time to be warm when scheduled - no overheating or wasted energy. Takes into account the weather forecast for warmth just when you wanted, even on cold days, and no wasted energy overheating on warm days.
  • Premium ultra-thin design with the world’s first smartphone touchscreen provides effortless control at your fingertips.
  • Master/Relay mode means the 6iE can control other 6iE’s or stand-alone relays*
  • Controls most electric floor heating systems and baseboard heaters, using the included floor or built-in air sensor
  • Stylish Cloud White with beveled chrome edges
  • 12 Year Warranty with Warmup heating or 3 Years when installed with any other system and lifetime 24/7 tech support
  • 10 Ft floor sensor included which can be extended 90 Ft on site
 *Master/Relay mode requires a low voltage wire connection between thermostat(s) and relay(s) and allows the temperature to be sensed at one location only. Used for large areas that require multiple circuits in the same zone; each relay or stat requires a circuit. Built-in 15A can be extended with RL-240-25A and RL-120-25A relays for an additional 25A load switching capability