Warmup Foil Heats 20 Sq Ft Carpet/Laminate 18" x 12.2 Ft 240v, 240W, 1.0A

Vendor: Warmup
SKU: FOIL-20-240
Coverage: 20 SqFt
Voltage: 240V
Subtotal: CA$328.00

The Warmup Foil heating mat is an ultra-thin electric radiant floor heating system designed for use under carpet, laminate, engineered wood, luxury vinyl, and other floating floors without mortar or adhesives.

Our large foil mats allow for easier installation and have higher heat output than smaller Film mats.

You can cut & turn these 20” wide foil mats, making installation fast in large areas. Fit them to your floor, then place on top of a Warmup insulation layer or your carpet pad, and finally install your flooring. A single mat can cover up to 140 square feet. The mats cannot be cut shorter.

Larger mats mean fewer 10’ power leads running to the thermostat. Many pads or foams recommended with floating are compatible but consider the superior qualities and protection the Warmup WIU Insulated underlay offers.

Foil heat mats are available in sizes from 20 - 140 sq ft you can combine multiple mats on a single thermostat circuit of 240v, up to 300 sq ft total (15 amps) per circuit, more if you use a relay.

A soft insulation layer is required on top of the foil to protect it from the weight of furniture and people; for carpet installations, most carpet pads will work. Any type of underlayment / padding can be used if it has a density of at least 6 pounds per cubic foot. Carpet must be at least 1/4” thick, but not more than 1” thick, and the R-value of the carpet should not be greater than 1.0. Vapor barriers / plastic sheeting can be used under Foil heating.

• Installs between the insulation pad and the floor
• No mortar or self-leveling required
• Foil will not raise the floor level
• Heavy Duty Aluminum layers spread the heat laterally, adds durability & prevents hot spots
• Durable construction works well under most furniture, avoid pianos, bookcases, and flat bottom furniture.

Carpet and Click-together materials like laminate, engineered wood and luxury vinyl