Warmup In-Slab Heat Cable 240V, 93'L, 500W, 2.1A, Heats 24-39 Sq Ft

Vendor: Warmup
SKU: WODH-240/500
Length: 93'L
Voltage: 240V
Subtotal: CA$344.00

Warmup’s In-Slab WODH heating cable is the best choice for primary heating applications before your slab is poured.

Warmup’s most durable cable withstands the rigors of a concrete pour thanks to its advanced fluoropolymer jacket and high output of 5.5 Watts per linear foot. Thanks to its structure and build, it cancels out all electro-magnetic field interference. The cable is typically tied to a lightweight mesh or rebar and embedded in a concrete pour, but it can also be used for thermal storage and frost heave applications and installed in dirt or sand beds.

It is suitable for primary heating in residential and commercial environments. The In-Slab Cable should be laid at least 2″ apart and a 2″ deep within the slab. After the cable is in place, carefully pour cementitious material over the In-Slab Cable to a depth of at least 2″.

Once installed within the slab, you can effectively heat any floor covering or simply leave the bare or polished concrete as your finished floor.

  • Designed for 240V and works with 208 & 277 VAC
  • Spaced at 3”, 4” or 5” for in-slab heating with output of 12W, 17W and 21W per sqft.
  • Spaced at 6” to 8” for Frost Heave protection: outputs of 7W to 10W/sqft.
  • Dual Conductor, one-point connection.