Warmup Insulating underlay 1/4"x48"x27.5' for FOIL Heating 110 Sq Ft Roll

Vendor: Warmup
SKU: WIB-SOFT-1/4-110
Subtotal: CA$152.00

Warmup insulating underlayment (WIU) is a thin and soft insulation barrier that provides ideal protection for the Foil Heating Mats while reflecting the heat upwards to the final floor finish increasing efficiency while providing maximum comfort.

The 1/4" thick padding is an effective moisture barrier and is also effective at reducing noise common with floating floors. In fact, it can replace the common polystyrene underlayments typically supplied with floating wood and LVT floors. Upgrade your installation today with the superior WIU.

Suitable for all subfloor materials, it is especially recommended for concrete slab installations and is superior to other underlayments that provide little or no insulation value.

Once the subfloor is clean and dry, roll out the 48" wide rolls, cut to fit, and tape all seams. Then install the Warmup Foil mats on top for the ultimate carpet or laminate floor heating system.

Warmup® Insulated Underlay has been specially developed for installation under Warmup® FOIL systems used to heat rooms under Laminates, floating wood floors, and floating LVT floors.

While a terrific product, it should not be used instead of or on top of a carpet pad.


Carpet and Click-together materials like laminate, engineered wood and luxury vinyl