Warmup MultiMeter Tester for Ohms w/clips

Vendor: Warmup
Subtotal: CA$49.88

Floor Heating Multimeter enables you to test resistance (ohms).

It is essential to test the cable before, during and after the floor heating system installation.

The Alligator is a meter with six-inch alligator clips that you attach to the heating elements power lead allowing the constant monitoring of the heating cable. By testing the electrical resistance (ohms) on the heating conductors and any leak to the ground, it provides the installer the guarantee of a job well done.
Our Digital Multimeter is used to check resistance (ohms Ω) of Electric Floor Heating elements before, during, and after Installation, as required by the installation manual. All Electric Floor Heating installations require the use of a digital Multi Meter (aka Ohm meter - must be digital - no needles/dials). We offer this low cost meter for your convenience, in case you don’t have your own.