Warmup RFT-Basic Thermostat Touch-Screen

Vendor: Warm Your Floor
Subtotal: CA$199.00

The Warmup RFT Touch-Screen Programmable floor heating thermostat is a basic model for electric floor heating systems. 

This programmable monochrome touch screen offers a 3 Year warranty. 

No Wi-Fi capabilities for the most basic control and includes built-in GFCI protection, for use on either 120V or 240V systems, up to 15 Amps, and temperature sensing via air or floor sensor (included, 10 Ft)

  • Pre-programmed, yet fully customizable 
  • Controls most electric floor heating systems and baseboard heaters, using the included floor or built-in air sensor
  • White with grey/monochrome display
  • 10 Ft floor sensor included 

When used with an external Relay to control larger areas over 15 Amps, an RC Snubber is required. Specs for snubber: Resistance 100Ω ohms, Capacitance of 0.1µF, 250 VAC. Search for "SNUB0000"