Warmup Snow Melting Cable 84' L, 20 SF, 240v, 1000W, 4.2A, 50W/SF @ 3"

Vendor: Warmup
SKU: WSM-240/1000
Length: 84 Ft
Voltage: 240V
Subtotal: CA$322.05

Warmup driveway snow melting cables keep driveways & walkways snow-free and ice-protected.

The electric cables are the most flexible, and best for smaller areas, stairs, very long tire tracks or irregular shaped and curved areas for new installations of concrete. While they can be used under pavers or asphalt, they need to be attached to the surface or a mesh which is more time consuming than using snow melting mats.

Snow melting cables prevent the accumulation of ice and snow and are hard-wired to a moisture and temperature sensing control for automated activation. Heating stairs, walkways and driveways is made simple and safe with Warmup.

The heat output is variable with the cables; closer spacing means more heat and details are in the chart below. Choose your spacing, then secure the cables in place, run the 16 Ft power leads to the junction box(es), and connect to the controller/power. 3” spacing is 50 Watts per Sq Ft and you need 0.20 amps per Sq Ft; each 200 Sq Ft is a load of 40 Amps requiring a 50 A breaker at 240V.

If you have limited power available or a budget restriction, you have options; increase spacing to 4” to cover more area at the lower 36 W/SF, or heat a path down the middle of a walkway or tire tracks on a driveway to economize. We are always available to help design the ideal system for you. We do not recommend using 5” spacing for all but the most mild climates since 30 W/SF may not meet your expectations.

We have solutions for residential & commercial projects of all sizes and types using 240V cables, plus 208 & 277 V are supported by de-rating or up-rating, i.e. a 240v cable operated at 208V provides 25% less heat output. Warmup mats have more voltage and size options and can be combined with cables.

The ideal Warmup electric heated driveway system is designed operate automatically. As it monitors moisture, temperature, and precipitation, the controller will turn the system on to heat the surface just above freezing. We offer simple sensor-controllers for small systems as well as the Warmup Wi-Fi WSM-252W which is activated by the weather forecast to preheat the slab before the snowfall.