Warmup UltraLight Insulation sheet 48”x24”x1/4” for floor heating systems

Vendor: Warmup
Subtotal: CA$38.00

Warmup UltraLight™ Insulation Board 1/4" thick x 24" x 48" 

Warmup's NEW insulation is a Strong, Flexible, and Lightweight addition to any floor heating project; this 3-in-1 solution improves efficiency, lets your floor get warm faster, and pays for itself many times over the life of your floor.

UltraLight dramatically reduces heat-loss, keeping the warmth in the floor and room, saving energy and money when installed under your floor heating mat or cable.

Simply spread thinset mortar with a 1/4 x 1/4 Square notch trowel & set the boards in mortar staggering the joints. Allow the thinset to cure before installing floor heating on top. If you plan to use a leveling compound over Ultralight, add Warmup Perimeter Strip to the edge of the room to allow for differential movement between the finished floor level and walls.

Each sheet covers 8 Sq Ft and weighs only 1.5 lbs yet has a compressive strength of 32 PSI

Suitable for use with all electric radiant floor heating systems, Warmup's UltraLight is a specialized multi-layer design consists of PEF insulation sandwiched between aluminum and non-woven fleece, works to achieve 3-in-1 benefits: insulating, heat spreading, and decoupling. The final top layer of non-woven fleece allows thin-set to bond.

The rapid thermal response promoted by the PEF insulation and diffusion layer allows the flooring to heat up faster, resulting in a more energy-efficient and comfortable heated floor.



  • Warmup Insulation is a very efficient thermal barrier that increases efficiency and saves you money 
  • They reflect heat into the floor tile and minimize heat transfer to a concrete slab below.
  • Does not absorb water (0.052% w/w) or support mold growth