Warmup Waterproofing kit for membrane contains 5”x35' roll seam tape, 2 outer and 6 inside corners.

Vendor: Warmup
Subtotal: CA$189.05

Warmup’s 3-ply waterproof membrane band protects floors and walls under thin-set tile installations from substrate cracks and moisture migration.

The waterproofing kit is used in conjunction with Warmup DCM-PRO cable install membrane, with or without heating cable.

The kit includes a 35ft roll of 5”-wide membrane, along with 2 outer corners and 6 inside corners to complete waterproofing in most common bathrooms under 100 sqft.

The waterproofing membrane is comprised of 2 outer polypropylene layers and one inner polyethylene waterproofing membrane and exceeds testing requirements per ASTM 118.10.